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Research Areas

The School of Health Science conduct research in the areas of Carin Science, Public Health Science, Applied Health Technology and Medical Science

Caring Science

Caring Science is a science that covers the entire human life cycle - from birth to death. The research focuses on individual persons' and their family's needs and resources, on the caring environment and its conditions and on nursing care from an organisational perspective

Public Health Science

Public Health Science is a multidisciplinary field that includes knowledge from several traditional areas of science and which in different respects studies the ways in which habits of life, the environment, the social structure and the health system influence population health.

Medical Science

Medical Science takes its approach from natural science in which the human being is studied from a biological perspective. The subject searches for an explanation for the symptoms and progression of a disease, based on pathophysiological changes, and its treatment.

Applied Health Technology

Applied Health Technology is an interdisciplinary science involving many skills and includes studies of how health may be related directly or indirectly to the implementation and impact of technology.


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