Linnaeus-Palme is a SIDA- (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) funded exchange program for teachers and students at undergraduate and master´s level in higher education. The program aims at strengthening long-term co-operation between Universities in a developing country and in Sweden to their mutual benefit.

The first part of the program, Linnaeus, enables teachers and students to work and study in developing countries.

The second part, Palme, offers teachers and students in developing countries the opportunity work and study in Sweden.

In order for students to be eligible for the Linnaeus-Palme grant his/her University has to have a project together with a Swedish University. The student then applies to the University to participate in the program and have the possibility to partake in a Student Exchange for 12 weeks.

The School of Health Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology has ongoing projects with the following Universities:

For more information, contact Doris Bohman, International Coordinator, School of Health Science or, Tobias Ericson, International Secretary, School of Health Science.



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