Erasmus is the EU's largest program for higher education. The program facilitates work experience and exchanges for both students and teachers in Europe, as well as support for cooperation between institutions of higher education. Erasmus is part of the Lifelong Learning Program, the EU's new framework program for education and skills development.

As an Erasmus student you will study in another EU/EES- country for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months.

As a teacher or PhD-candidate you have the opportunity to receive a grant to teach at a partner University in Europe.

The student and teacher exchanges are based on agreements of cooperation between Universities and institutions of higher education in Europe.

The School of Health Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology has agreements within the Erasmus framework, with the following Universities:








For more information, contact Doris Bohman, International Coordinator, School of Health Science, or Tobias Ericson, International Secretary, School of Health Science.

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