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The research environment Health & Technology (H&T) is an interdisciplinary science involving many skills and includes studies of how health may be related directly or indirectly to the implementation and impact of technology. Studies can be conducted from an individual or a population perspective with a multidisciplinary approach and the research highlights how the disciplines of Caring and Public Health Sciences can be combined with technical research to promote a good life.

Today the research is mainly focusing on ICT in health care. Parts of this milieu is both in personal terms as subject matter closely related to our other Caring and Public Health Sciences milieu at BTH, "Sustainable Active Ageing". 

In particular, it means research related to the SNAC project (The Swedish National Study and Aging and Care) i.e. research how older adults are using internet and computers andJohan Berglund how ambient assisted living can be supported by ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In fact, much of the Health and Technology milieu's research focuses on how IT-enabled health and care services can support the development and society's ability to respond to the demographic changes with an increasing proportion of older people in the population.


Professor Johan Berglund
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The article Health communication in primary health care - A case study of ICT development for health promotion Jama A, Olander E, Eriksén S, Haglund BJA. (2013) has been published in BMC Health Informatics and Decision making. 2013, 13:17


The article "Health communication in primary health care - A case study of ICT development for health promotion." Jama A, Olander E, Eriksén S, Haglund BJA has been accepted in BMC Health Informatics and Decision making.


The article "Factors associated with change in Internet use of Swedish older adults (2004-2010)." Berner J, Rennemark M, Jogréus C, Berglund J. has been accepted in Health Informatics Journal, in press.


The article "The importance of interaction in the implementation of information technology in healthcare: A Symbolic Interactionism study on the meaning of accessibility." Nilsson, L, Hofflander, M, Eriksén S, Borg, C. is available as Epub ahead of print in Informatics for Health and Social Care.  (doi:10.3109/17538157.2012.710683)


The article "Discharge planning: Narrated by nursing staff in primary healthcare and their concerns about using video conferencing in the planning session - An interview study." Hofflander, M, Nilsson, L, Eriksén S, Borg, C. has been accepted in Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. and will be published in Vol 3, No 1 (2013).


The article "Distribution of personality, individual characteristics and internet usage in Swedish older adults." Berner J, Rennemrak M, Jogréus C, Berglund J, has been published in Aging & Mental Health.Volume 16, Issue 1, 2012


Nurse Gudrun's Full-Scale Lab in Blekinge for IT in Nursing and Caringehealth2

The project Nurse Gudrun's Full-Scale Lab in Blekinge for IT in Nursing and Caring was carried out 2008-2011 with the County Council of Blekinge as project manager and Blekinge Institute of Technology as a collaborating partner. The aim was to explore how modern technology can make health- and medical care more accessible and efficient.
You can read more about the project and its results in the fnal report
"The human side of IT - a book about eHealth"

The human side of IT - a book about eHealth



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