Dr. Christel Borg, Senior Lecturer

Health & Technology / Applied Health Technology / Caring Science

Christel Borg



RN, MSc, PhD


Senior Lecturer


School of Health Science, Campus Gräsvik


Blekinge Institute of Technology
School of Health Science
SE-371 79 Karlskrona
Phone: +46 455 38 54 21
E-mail: christel.borg@bth.se

Year of dissertation



Livstillfredsställelse hos äldre, särskilt äldre med nedsatt funktionsförmåga. I relation till hälsa, självkänsla sociala och ekonomiska resurser i ett svenskt och europeiskt perspektiv. Doctoral Dissertation from Centre of Caring Science. Lund University, Sweden. ISBN 91-85439-90-8

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Current position

Senior Lecturer/Researcher

Responsible for the Study Programme in Nursing

Clinical specialisation

Health Technology

Current Research Field

ICT in health care. The research is mainly focussing on IT-solutions what can increase the accessibility to health care for patients and health professionals as well. The research is also focusing elderly people´s using of video game and computer.

project Title/research area

Active Senior Citizens - digital games as company, activity and rehabilitation?

Researchers Elovaara, P. Borg, C

Supervisor for:

Lina Nilsson - ICT in health care
doctoral student at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Malin Hofflander - Care planning using IT-solutions in the planning session
doctoral student at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Peer Reviewed Publications

Nilsson, L, Hofflander, M, Eriksén S, Borg, C. (2012) The importance of interaction in the implementation of information technology in healthcare: A Symbolic Interactionism study on the meaning of accessibility. Informatics for Health and Social Care. [Epub ahead of print] (doi:10.3109/17538157.2012.710683)

Hofflander, M, Nilsson, L, Eriksén S, Borg, C. (2012) Discharge planning: Narrated by nursing staff in primary healthcare and their concerns about using video conferencing in the planning session – An interview study. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. Vol 3, No 1 (2013).

Borg, C. (2010). Digitala spel en möjlighet till rehabilitering och social samvaro i särskilda boenden. Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift.

Holst, G, Willman, A, Fagerström, C, Borg, C, Hellström, Y, Borglin, G., (2010) "Quality of care: Prevention of Pressure Ulcers - Nursing Students as facilitators of evidence based practice".Vård i Norden, Volume 30, Issue 1, 2010, pages 40-42, ISSN 0107-4083.

Fagerström C., Borg C., Balducci C., Burholt V., Ferring D., Weber G., Wenger C., Holst G. & Hallberg IR. (2007) Life satisfaction and associated factors among people aged 60 years and above in six European countries. Applied Research on Quality of Life 2, 33-50.

Borg C., Fagerström C., Balducci C., Burholt V., Ferring D., Weber G., Wenger C., Holst G. & Hallberg IR. (2007) Life satisfaction in 6 European countries: The relationship to health, self-esteem, social and financial resources among people (aged 65-89) with reduced functional capacity. Geriatric Nursing 20, 48-57.

Borg, C., Hallberg, I R. (2006). Life satisfaction among informal caregivers - in comparison to non caregivers. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences.

Borg, C., Hallberg, I R., Blomqvist, K. (2006) Life satisfaction among older people (65+) with reduced self-care capacity - the relationship to social, health and financial aspects. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 15, 607-618.

Submitted Publications

Nilsson, L, Hofflander, M, Eriksén S, Borg, C. (2010). The neglected negotiation of the word Accessibility- Or another reason why IT-solutions often go wrong in a health care arena. Health Informatics Journal.

Hofflander, M, Nilsson, L. Eriksén, S,. Borg, C. Discharge-Planning: Thoughts about using IT-solutions in the planning session. Health Informatics Journal.


Ferring D., Hallberg IR., Hoffman M., Petit C., Windle G., Heiss C., Paulsson C., Spazzafumo L., Borg C. & van der Meer, M. (2003). Physical Health and Functional Status - European Study of Adult Well-being. Report to European Commission, Brussels, Centre for Social Policy Research and Development, Institute for Medical and Social Care Research, University of Wales, Bangor.

Abstracts & Conference presentations

Poster presentations

Nilsson, L, Borg, C, Hofflander, M, Eriksén, S. PD 3.1 to the rescue - Challenges for Participatory Design in a health care context, 11th Biennial Participatory Design Conference, PDC 2010; Sydney, NSW; 29 November 2010 through 3 December 2010; Code 83793, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series 2010, Pages 269-270

Nilsson, L. Hofflander, M. Eriksen, S. Borg, C. 2009. Applied Health Technology with focus on Care planning at a distance SHI 2009

Paulsson C., Borg C. Livstillfredsställelse bland äldre med funktionsnedsättning. Vårdvetenskapens dag. Karlskrona. 2004.

Borg, C. Tillfredsställelse med livet hos anhörigvårdare. Vårdvetenskapens dag Karlskrona 2004

Borg, C. Wellbeing among care recipients in ordinary housing and special accommodations.. Vårdal Stockholm 2002.

Conference presentations

Nilsson, L. Hofflander, M. Borg, C, Eriksén, S. (2009). IRIS 32. Accessibility? It is after all, two separate worlds! - Perception of accessibility in health care planning in the county council of Blekinge Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia. Theme: Inclusive design. August 2009, Molde Norway.

Nilsson, M. Hofflander, M. Eriksén S. Borg, C. Applied Health Technology with focus on Care planning at a distance SHI 2009

Borg, C. Digitala spel för äldre, minskar ensamheten och ökar rörligheten. Sveriges Gerontologiska Sällskap. Stockholm 2009.

Borg, C. Familjen eller professionella i vård av äldre. Forskningskonferens, Familjefokuserad vård, Kalmar 2002.



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