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BTH is one of the most distinctly profiled higher education institutions in Sweden, with a clear focus on applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth. BTH is a broad-based institute with education and research in several disciplines and subjects; Technology, Business Administration, Social Sciences, Humanities, Caring and Public Health Sciences influenced by the applied IT profile. This creates conditions for fruitful meetings between the humanities and technology and high-quality research within technical research areas as well as within inter-disciplinary research in collaboration between different disciplines.

The influence of being surrounded by a technical faculty has led to almost all researchers in the field of Caring and Public Health Sciences has established some research projects related to technology.  Likewise, it influenced technical researchers to conduct research related to Caring and Public Health Sciences, thus it gradually evolved into a milieu with a multidisciplinary research field.  As a result, in 2008 the Faculty Board established Applied Health Technology as a new research field at BTH

Applied Health Technology at BTH is an interdisciplinary science involving many skills and includes studies of how health may be related directly or indirectly to the implementation and impact of technology. Studies can be conducted from an individual or a population perspective with a multidisciplinary approach and the research highlights how the disciplines of Caring and Public Health Sciences can be combined with technical research to promote a good life.

Despite a small and young milieu, just a few years since it started up and located at one of the smallest universities in the country, it has undergone a rapid development and is in a regional and national perspective comparatively successful. After initially been composed of a loose group of senior researchers from different disciplines, whom gradually formatted the content of the research field, the milieu Health and Technology now comprise a 10 or so researchers with a PhD, professors, associate professors and 7 PhD students.

Although still in early development, the milieu has been rather successful in attracting regional, national and international funding. Almost all PhD students have been funded through external grants and the first PhD student to defend her thesis will take place in autumn 2011. Efforts to build up the environment can now also be reflected in that the number of ISI publications is increasing and more of the researchers' results in demand at international conferences. This also includes an increased interest for cooperation with industry for innovation and product development as well as from research groups in other countries for joint grant applications.

Today the research is mainly focusing on ICT in health care. Parts of this milieu is both in personal terms as subject matter closely related to our other Caring and Public Health Sciences milieu at BTH, "Sustainable Active Ageing".  In particular, it means research related to the SNAC project (The Swedish National Study and Aging and Care) i.e. research how older adults are using internet and computers and how ambient assisted living can be supported by ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In fact, much of the Health and Technology milieu’s research focuses on how IT-enabled health and care services can support the development and society´s ability to respond to the demographic changes with an increasing proportion of older people in the population.



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