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The School of Health Science collaborates in the research project SNAC - Blekinge which is part of the national, longitudinal research project SNAC - The Swedish National Study on
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SNAC - Blekinge is supported financially by the Swedish government,  the County Council of Blekinge, Blekinge Institute of Technology, University of Kristianstad and the Linnaeus University.

What is SNAC?

SNAC - The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care - is a long-term national study on aging and care for older people. The project started in 2001 and the study was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and carried out in four areas in Sweden: The five municipalities in southern Sweden - Eslöv, Hässleholm, Osby and Ystad, a municipality in Blekinge - Karlskrona; the area of Kungsholmen in Stockholm and Nordanstig municipality in Hälsingland. 

The public health and social care for older people will continue to face significant pressures in the future due to demographic trends, combined with limited financial resources. It is therefore imperative that the resources for health and social care in the future be utilized so that the utmost efficiency is obtained. 

To enable such resource utilization the analyses of the health care systems function and the needs of the aging population must be studied over time. Individual-based longitudinal studies of both the aging population's care and needs as well as the function of the health care systems, are therefore necessary for future health care needs to be met.


Blekinge is one of the four study areas in the national research project SNAC - The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care since the project began in 2001. During the first two years both a population study and a health systems study were conducted in Karlskrona. The population study has proceeded as planned and after a break during the year 2010 the health systems study has resumed.

View of Karlskrona

In Blekinge, research within several areas where data is gathered from SNAC is being conducted. Examples of some of these areas are:

  • Dental health of elderly people and the importance of oral health for general health.
  • Multi-morbidity - development of instruments for the calculation of population morbidity and why we age differently.
  • The importance of lifestyle for health and wellbeing.
  • Work Science with a focus on studying those who work and those who don't work, in the ages 60-65 years.
  • Studies on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cognitive function.
  • Quality of care and the environmental factors related to the needs of health care.

SNAC-Blekinge is led by a steering group of researchers with Professor Johan Berglund as primarily responsible. The project is currently run in collaboration with: Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blekinge County Council, University of Lund, Linnaeus University of Växjö, University of Kristianstad and Karlskrona municipality.

> Group members of the research group SNAC within the School of Health Science

Contact: Johan Berglund

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