Dr. Göran Holst, associate professor

Sustainable Active Ageing / Caring Science


Göran Holst


RN, RNT; PhD;  Associate Professor


Senior Lecturer


School of Health Science, Campus Gräsvik


Blekinge Institute of Technology
School of Health Science
SE-371 79 Karlskrona
Phone: +46 455 38 54 73,+46 709-543895

E-mail: goran.holst@bth.se

Year of dissertation



Bridging the communicative gap between a person with dementia and caregivers. A nursing perspective.

Clinical specialisation

Nursing care for people with a dementia disease

Current Research Field

Older Peoples Health & Care

Title project/research area

Older people's best in 2013 - nursing with a focus on sustainable health care for older people

Planning and responsible for studies on the health-care process for older people with high needs of care. Research will be conducted in close collaboration with Blekinge Competence Center at Blekinge County Council and the structure which is built up to conduct a three-year trial with "older people pilots" is being funded by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL). The "older people pilot" will have a mandate to provide direct support to the most ill elderly and their relatives and will identify gaps in the current system of care and initiate improvements. This will be particularly studied in the research I have initiated and a number of researchers and doctoral students at the School of Health Science are involved in.

Own choice of home-help service

Responsibility for research projects aiming to study the importance for the individual care taker when the municipality introduces the opportunity to freely choose provider of home care. Research is conducted in collaboration with researchers at the Linnaeus University, Växjö. Data collection (mixed design with questionnaire and interview) is completed and analysis is ongoing and scheduled for completion during the spring of 2011.


Participate in the Nursing Science part of the SNAC-Blekinge project, which is one of four separate study areas in the national study on ageing; SNAC - The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care - a study that started in 2001 in order to provide answers to how future needs of health care may turn out and how they may be addressed. (see website for SNAC).

Dementia Care

Responsible for R & D projects which over three years will follow, at the individual level, 68 people with memory loss or early stages of dementia. The project collects in addition to demographic data, information on physical and cognitive functioning, mental health, formal and informal health care operations, investigative procedures, treatment interventions, etc.
In addition, regular monitoring and follow-up of the relatives who help / support the demented person are conducted.
Analyses are ongoing and a first manuscript has been accepted for publication in a scientific journal and a number of conference presentations has also been made. Together with Thomas Eggers, Doctoral Student at BTH, I participate in research aimed at better understanding the situation of people in the early / moderate stage of dementia.

Supervisor for:

Agneta Lindvall: "The most ill elderly in Blekinge, in-depth understanding from a patient perspective"

Ann-Charlotte Holmgren: "The extent of kin interventions, experiences of situations and support in the care of the most ailing elder"

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Gustafsson M, Kristensson J, Holst G, Willman A, Bohman D (2013) Case managers for older persons with multi-morbidity and their everyday work -- a focused ethnography. BMC Health Services Research. 2013 13:496.

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Publications in press


Lindström, V., Andersson, K., Lintrup, M., Holst, G., Berglund, J., Prevalence of sleep problems and pain among elderly in Sweden. Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging

Accepted publications

Submitted Publications

Books & Book-chapters

Livet som en berättelse page 96-106 in Edberg (red) Att möta personer med demens. Studentlitteratur, 2011.

Abstracts and Conference presentations

Holst, G., Rennemark, M. Can communicative problems between caregivers and patients with severe dementia be bridged by help from a close family member? Oral presentation. 20th Nordic Congress of Gerontology, 29 May - 2 June 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland

Holst, G. A family based model for dementia care in Blekinge. 9th International Family Nursing Conference, Reykjavík Island, 2009

Holst, G. Mood in people with dementia and its relation to informal caregiver burden - developing a model for a family care based nursing. International Nursing Research Conference, Jerusalem, 2008.

Holst, G. Mood in people with suspected or diagnosed dementia and its relation to caregiver burden. VI European congress Advances in gerontology, St Petersburg, 2007.

Rennemark, M, Holst, G., Fagerström, C., Halling A. What makes old people utilize the health care services? VI European Congress Advances in Gerontology, St Petersburg, 2007.







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