Dr. Gunilla Borglin,Reader in Nursing 

Sustainable Active Ageing / Caring Science

Gunilla Borglin


RN, MSc, PhD, Reader in Nursing (Associate Professor) 


Senior Lecturer


Blekinge Institute of Technology
School of Health Science, Campus Gräsvik
SE-371 79  Karlskrona
Phone: +46 455 38 54 76
E-mail: gunilla.borglin@bth.se  gunilla.borglin@kau.se

Year of dissertation:



Quality of life among older people, their experience, need of help, health, social support, activities and sense of coherence. Doctoral Dissertation from Centre of Caring Science. Lund University, Sweden. ISBN 918543913

Current position:

Senior Lecturer/Researcher 50% BTH, 50% Malmö University, 20% Karlstad University

Acting Research Lead for 'Sustainble Active Ageing' and Subject Responsible.

Clinical specialisation: Older People

Current Research Field:

Overall and health related quality of life among Older People (75+), as well as their physical (i.e. health complaints) and mental health (i.e. depression and anxiety). I am also interested in approaches such as Stepped Care, Case Management, Research Design and Methods and Instrument Psychometric Properties.

At the moment my research efforts are focused on working on a structured research programme which will be based on the Medical Research Council's recommendation for complex interventions. The heart of the programme will target older people, their quality of life in relation to their physical and mental health and the final part of the program aims to develop suitable and feasible interventions for older peoples mental and physical health problems.

Title project/research area

Main Supervisor for:

Anna Willman: Quality of life, Self-rated Health, Everyday Activities and Need of help in daily life, Perceptions and Experience among Older People in ordinary living, Karlstad University 

Supervisor for:

Ewa, K., Andersson: Life after an Myocardial Infarction, Nursing Care, The experience among midlife patients, relatives and nurses. Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Lunds Universitet.

Boel Sandström: National Guidelines, Evidence-based practice, Implemetation. Perceptions and Experiences among Politicians, Top-level Mental Health Care Managers and Mental Health Care Nurses. Blekinge Institute of Technology/Lund University

Collaboration, Co-workers, Post-doc level and above

I am collaborating on both a national and international level on several publications as well as research projects within areas such as older peoples, their physical and mental health problems. I am addtionally engaged in EANS as a Fellow of European Academy of Nursing Science http://www.european-academy-of-nursing-science.com/ as well as in REFLECTION http://www.reflection-network.eu/index.php an European project supported by EFS.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Sandström B., Svensson B., Willman A & Borglin G., (2014) ‘How do we know if this is the best?’: Mental health care professionals’ views regarding the national guidelines for psychosocial interventions. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 23, 221-231.

Olsson, C., Rignér A., Borglin G., (2014) Including systematic reviews in PhD programmes and candidatures in nursing: Hobson’s choice?´ Nurse Education in Practice, 14, 102-105. 

Bohman, M.D., & Borglin G. (2013) Exchange studies for nurse students – does it raise cultural awarness“? A descriptive qualitative study. Nurse Education in Practice. doi: 10.1016/j.nepr.2013.11.006

Gustafsson, M., Bohman, DM., Borglin G. (2013) Challenges of conducting experimental studies within a clinical nursing context. Applied Nursing Research. doi: 10.1016/j.apnr.2013.11.013

Andersson, E.K., Borglin, G., Sjöström, A & Willman A., (2013) Standing alone when life takes a unexpected turn: Being a midlife next of kin to a relative having undergone a myocardial infarction. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 27, 864-871.

Gustafsson, M., & Borglin, G. (2013) Can a theory-based intervention change and sustain nurses´knowledge and attitudes concerning cancer pain mangagement? A quasi-experimental study. BMC Health Services Research 13:328.Highly Accessed

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Sandström, B., Willman, A., Svensson, B., Borglin, G. (2013) Mapping attitudes and awareness with regard to national guidelines: an e-mail survey among decision makers. Journal of Nursing Management, Doi: 10.1111/jonm.12061 

Borglin, G., Fagerström, C., (2012) Nursing students’ understanding of critical thinking and appraisal and academic writing: A descriptive qualitative study. Nurse Education In Practice. 12, 356-360.  

Borglin, G., (2012) Promoting critical thinking and academic writing skills in nurse education. Nurse Education Today. 32, 5, 611-613. 

Gustafsson A-S., Eriksson, T., Andersson., S & Borglin, G., (2012) The occurence of problems in connections with the saphenous vein harvest surgical site? A telephone interview project three months after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery. Nordic Journal of Nursing Research and Clinical Studies. 1, (103), 41-43.

Sandström, B., Borglin G., Nilsson, R., Willman, A. (2011) Promoting the implementation of evidence-based practice: A literature review focusing on the role of nursing leadership. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 8, 4, 212-223.

Borglin, G., Gustafsson, M., & Krona, H. (2011). A theory-based educational intervention targeting nurses' attitudes and knowledge concerning cancer-related pain management: A study protocol of a quasi-experimental design. BMC Health Service Research, 11:233. Highly Accessed

Richards, D.A., Borglin, G., (2011) Implementation of pychological therapies for anxiety and depression in routine practice: Two year prospective cohort study. Journal of Affective Disorders, 133, 51-60

Richards, D.A., Borglin G., (2011) Complex Interventions and Nursing: looking through a new lens at nursing research. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 48, 5, 531-533

Fagerström, C., Borglin, G., (2010) Mobility, functional ability and Health Related Quality of Life among people 60 years and older. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 5, 22, 1-8.

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Fiddler, M. Borglin, G., Galloway, A. Jackson, C. McGowan, L. Lovell, K. (2010). The traditional once a week ward round or the daily in-patient meeting? A multidisciplinary mental health team's experience of new ways of working. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 19, 2, 119-127.

Borglin, G., Richards, D.A., (2010) Randomisation eliminates bias in experimental nursing science: myth, association or causality? A discussion on the current position of evidence based nursing. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 47, 1, 123-128. Referenced at: http://www.consort-statement.org/database/ (Top 5% ISI - 2010 at BTH)

Spilsbury, K., Stuttard, L., Adamson, J., Borglin, G., Atkin, K., Carr-Hill, R., McCaughan, D., McKenna, H., Wakefield, A,. (2009) Mapping the introduction of Assistant Practitioner role in Acute NHS (Hospital Trusts in England. Journal of Nursing Management, 17, 615-626.

Wakefield, A., Spilsbury, K., Atkin, K., Borglin, G., Stuttard, L., McKenna, H,. (2009) Assistant or Substitute: Exploring the fit between national policy vision and local practice realities of assistant practitioner job descriptions. Health Policy, 90, 2-3, 286-295.

Keeley, P., Creed, F., Tomenson, B., Todd, C., Borglin, G., Dickens, C., (2008) Psychosocial predictors of health-related quality of life and health service utilisation in people with chronic low back pain. Pain, 135, 142-150.

Fiddler, M., Borglin, G., Galloway, A., Jackson, C., Lovell, K. (2007) Developing joint working arrangements for admission between community and inpatient services: A development project within a mental health setting. Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing 14, 705-712.

Borglin, G., Hellström, Y., Edberg, A-K., Hagberg, B., Westergren, A., Hallberg, IR., (2006) Psychometric testing of a quality of life scale among Swedish people 75 years and above in need of help with activities of daily living or not. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing, Vol 9S1 pp e25-e43. doi:10.1016/j.cein.2006.11.001.

Borglin, G., Jakobsson, U., Edberg, A-K., Hallberg, IR., (2006) Older people in Sweden with various degrees of present quality of life: their health, social support, everyday activities and sense of coherence. Health and Social Care in the Community, 14, (2), 136-146.

Borglin, G., Jakobsson, U., Edberg, A-K., Hallberg, IR., (2005) Self-reported health complaints and their prediction of overall and health-related quality of life among elderly people. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 42, (2), p 147-158.

Borglin, G., Edberg, A-K., Hallberg, IR., (2005) The experience of quality of life among older people. Journal of Aging Studies, 19, (2) p 201-220.

Publications in Press

Dupin C, Borglin G, Debout C &  Rothan-Tondeur M. (2014) An ethnographic study of nurses’ experience with nursing research and its integration into practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing. doi: 10.1111/jan.12371

Accepted Publications

Richards, D.A., Coultard, V & Borglin, G., (2014) The state of European nursing research. Dead, alive or chronically diseased? A systematic literature review. Worldviews on Evidenc-Based Nursing. Accepted for publication February. 

Publications under Peer-review

Mattsson L., Bohman D.M & Borglin G., (201x) Primary Care Nurses Experiences of Physical Activity Referrals: An Interview Study. Primary Health Care Research and Development, Submitted February 2014

Tuvesson H & Borglin G. (201x) The Challenge of giving written thesis feedback to nursing students? Nurse Education Today. Revised and resubmitted March 2014

Edited works, contributions

Borglin, G., (2014). Chapter 3. Pragmatism and mixed methods, pp xx-xx. In Richards, D., & Hallberg I.L., Ed. Complex Interventions in Health Care: A Research Handbook. London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. [In English]. In manuscript

Borglin, G., (2014). Chapter 3. Preserverving Health, Older Peoples Quality of Life, pp xx- xx. In: Jansson W., & Rydholm Hedman, A-M., Ed. Gerontological Nursing Care. Stockholm: Pearson Education Publication. [In Swedish]. In Print.

Borglin, G., (2012). Chapter 15. Mixed Methods – an Introduction, pp 269- 287. In: Henricsson, M., Ed. Scientific Theory & Method. From idea to examination within Nursing Science. Lund: Student Litteratur. [In Swedish]. Awarded Studentliteratures Honaray Book Price at the Library and Book Fair, September 2012, Gothenburg. 

Published Reports

Spilsbury, K., Adamson, J., Atkin, K., Bartlett, C., Bloor, K., Borglin, G., Carr-Hill, R., McCaughan, D., McKenna, H., Stuttard, L., & Wakefield, A. (2011) Evaluation of the development and impact of assistant practitioners supporting the work of the ward-based registered nurses in acute NHS (hospital) Trusts in England. SDO project 08/1619/159.

Publications in Professional Journals

Gustafsson, M., & Borglin, G., (2012). Can an educational intervention targeting registered nurses attityd and knowledge concerning cancer-related pain change practice? BestPractice Pain, 1, 36-39. [In Swedish]

Borglin, G., (2005). Health, not the only factor having an impact on older peoples quality of life. Omvårdnadsmagasinet 2, 28-31. [In Swedish]

Borglin, G., (1997). How to survive the writing of a BSc Nursing dissertation. Omvårdaren, 4, 20-22. [In Swedish]

Abstracts and Conference Presentations, 

Borglin G. Invited Speaker (all expences paid) by the Departmen of Health Sciences, Malmö University  to give a lecture “A Crash Course in Mixed Methods” 17th October. 

Borglin G. Invited (all expences paid) by the Swedish Society of Nursing to give workshop in “Scientific Writing” at the Swedish Medical Associations Medical Meeting 28th – 30th November, 2012, Stockholm Sweden [in Swedish]. 

Sadikovic C, Berglund J & Borglin G. Is there a relationship between dependency, older people´s need for care and nursing staff level. Geriatric, Oral presentation 29th November at the Swedish Medical Associations Medical Meeting 28th – 30th November, 2012, Stockholm Sweden.

Gustafson M & Borglin G. Can a theroybased intervention change and preserve registered nurses attitude and knowledge about cancer-related pain? – A Quasi-experimental Study. Poster presentation at the Swedish Medical Associations Medical Meeting 28th – 30th November, 2012, Stockholm Sweden.

Sandström B., Willman, A., Svensson, B., Borglin G. Top-level mental health managers and politician’s – how do they view national guidelines targeting mental health care? Poster presentation at the Swedish Medical Associations Medical Meeting 28th – 30th November, 2012, Stockholm Sweden.

Andersson A., Borglin G., Sjöström-Strand, A., Willman, A. Being a midlife next of kin of a relative who has suffered a myocardial infarction: A phenomenological hermeneutic study. Poster presentation at the Swedish Medical Associations Medical Meeting 28th – 30th November, 2012, Stockholm Sweden.

Sandström B, Willman A, Svensson B & Borglin G. Top-level mental health managers and politician’s views on national guidelines targeting mental health care. Oral presentation at Horatio: European Festival for Psychiatric Nursing, 20th – 23rd September 2012, Stockholm Sweden. 

Andersson E, Borglin G, Willman A. The Experience of Life among Younger Adults (< 55) Following an Myocardial Infarction: A Phenomenological Hermeneutic Interview Study. Poster presentation at European Academy of Nursing Science Summer Conferens, 11th – 12th July 2012, Leuven Belgium.  Rewarded with "Best Poster Price"  

Borglin G. Nursing Science in Europe – Onwards and Upwards? Top 5% articles. Invited speaker for oral presentation at BTH research café, 14th February 2012, Karlskrona, Sweden 

Andersson E.K., Borglin G, Willman A. Younger people´s experience of life after having survided an acute myocardial infarction: An interview study. Oral presentation at Conference on Advances in Health Care Science Research, 18 – 19 October 2011, Stockholm, Sweden

Richards D.A., Borglin G, Dieppe P. Implementing the MRC’s complex interventions research framework for allied health professionals. Abstract accepted and presented as poster at the Evidence 2010 Transforming HealthCare. 1st & 2nd November 2010. BMA House, London, United Kingdom

Borglin G & Fagerström C. Nursing students understanding of critical thinking and academic writing. Abstract accepted and presented at Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 18th August 2010. Karlskrona, Sweden

Fagerström C & Borglin G. Mobility, functional ability and Health Related Quality of Life among people of 60 years or older. Abstract accepted at the 19th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 5th - 9th July 2009. Paris, France.

Spilsbury K, Adamson J, Atkin K, Borglin G, Carr-Hill R, McCaughan D, McKenna H, Stuttard L, Wakefield A and West M. Understanding the impact of ward-based Assistant Practitioner roles on service delivery & the workforce in acute NHS (hospital) Trusts. Poster accepted at the Health Services Research Network and National Institute for Health Research Service Delivery and Organisation 2009 annual conference, 3 & 4 June Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Spilsbury K, Stuttard L, Adamson J, Borglin G, Atkin K, Roy Carr-Hill R, Dorothy McCaughan D, McKenna H, Wakefield A & West M. "Mapping the introduction of Assistant Practitioner roles supporting the work of ward-based registered nurses in Acute NHS (Hospital) Trusts in England" Abstract accepted for The Royal College of Nursing, The 2008 International Nursing Research Conference April 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Borglin G, Bee, P Keeley P, Lovell K. (2006) "Cognitive Behavioural therapy for people with physical Illness: A systematic review". 26th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research [ECPR], Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Borglin G, Edberg A-K, Hallberg IR. (2005) European Perspective on Nursing Research. Scholars of the European Academy of Nursing Science. Seminar presenter: Quality of life among older (75+) independent community dwelling people, Manchester, England.

Funding and Grants

Sandström, B., Borglin, G., & Willman, A., Implementation of national guidelines for people suffering from schitzophrenia - attituteds and perceptions among politicians and first line leaders. Blekinge Research Council: 800 000SEK, commencing 2011- Dec 2012

Andersson, E.K., Borglin, G., & Willman, A., The RNs social support to younger people having survived a myocardial infaction. Blekinge Research Council: 100 000SEK commencing 2011 - Dec 2012.

Andersson, E.K., Willman, A., & Borglin, G. Relatives, to younger peoples having survived a myocardial infarction and their experiences and need of support. Blekinge Research Council: 270 000SEK, commencing 2011

Eriksson, T., Bohman, D.M., & Borglin, G. Nurses implementation of nursing science in clinical practice. Blekinge Research Council: 70 000SEK, commencing 2011

Gustafsson, M., Krona, H., & Borglin, G. Pain intervention targeting surgical patients. Blekinge Research Council: 80 000SEK, commencing 2011

European Science Foundation 09-RNP-049. ESF Research Networking Programme Call 2009. REFLECTION Researching Complex Interventions in Nursing. 600.000€, Co-applicant. Commencing 2011

Andersson, E.K., Borglin, G., Willman, A., Younger peoples experience after having had a myocardial infarction and their experience of social support. Blekinge Research Council, 100 000SEK, Co-applicant. Commencing september 2010 - Closed.

BTHs Strategic Mentoring Scheme for Associate Professors, funding for 15% addtional research time.

Borglin, G. Strategically Founding for Collaboration with the Mood Disorder Centre, University of Exeter. Blekinge Institute of Technology 50.000 SEK.  Principal grant holder.Commencing November 2009 - Closed.

Fagerström, C., Borglin, G., Persson, H. The development of an electronic education tool for staff working in special accommodation - a pilot study. Blekinge Research Council. 100.000 SEK. Co-applicant. Commencing September 2009 - Closed.







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