Current projects in Sustainable Active Ageing

This research group aims to actively engage in, as well as to initiate, research that will create new, as well as increase existing, knowledge about older people's health and care. The point of departure for our research is older people's health and wellbeing and their everyday needs that we observe in the health care sector, from community care to hospital care.

The forms for new research projects are developed in collaboration with BTH's other Schools and areas of knowledge as well as with external partners such as Blekinge County Council and other Universities.

You can read more about some of the current projects, below.


Older people's best in 2013 - nursing with a focus on sustainable health care for older people

Research will be conducted in close collaboration with Blekinge Competence Center at Blekinge County Council and the structure which is built up to conduct a three-year trial with "older people pilots" is being funded by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL). The "older people pilot" will have a mandate to provide direct support to the most ill elderly and their relatives and will identify gaps in the current system of care and initiate improvements. This will particularly be studied in the research by a number of researchers and doctoral students at the School of Health Science are involved in.
Contact: Göran Holst


The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care - SNAC

The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care - is a long-term national study on aging and care for older people. The project started in 2001 and the study was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and carried out in four areas in Sweden. The School of Health Science collaborates in the research project SNAC - Blekinge which is part of the national, longitudinal research project SNAC - The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care. SNAC - Blekinge is supported financially by the Swedish government, the County Council of Blekinge, Blekinge Institute of Technology, University of Kristianstad and the Linnaeus University
Contact: Johan Berglund


Insomnia in elderly persons - How to assess insomnia and promote sleep in health care settings by nursing interventions

The overall aim is to evaluate the evidence of nursing interventions that ameliorate sleep in health care settings and to test a screening tool for insomnia in elderly persons. Futhermore, the aim is to explore sleep habits and sleep quality of elderly persons, to describe nursing care routines related to daily activities and sleep in a residential care facility and to test the effect of a non-pharmacological intervention for sleep promotion on sleep quality and insomnia symptoms.
Contact: Amanda Hellström


Case Manager for the elderly with multimorbidity - Importance for continuity of care

The overall purpose of the study is to explore the Case Manager function from multiple perspectives, with a particular focus on the Case Manager’s experience, the elderly with multimorbidity and their informal caregivers’ experiences of the function and its importance for the continuity of care.
Contact: Markus Gustafsson 


The extent of kin interventions, experiences of situations and support in the care of the most ailing elder.

The overall aim is to investigate the extent of informal caregivers care and support to those nearest to the most ailing elder in relation to the scope of municipal interventions. The study also aims to highlight the relatives' experience of the situation and the support in the care of the most ailing elder relative.
Contact: Ann-Charlotte Holmgren


The most ill elderly in Blekinge, in-depth understanding from a patient perspective

The overall aim is to, from a patient perspective, obtain a deeper understanding of how the daily life is shaped for the most ill elderly with a special focus on contacts with health care during the past year, as well as social relations, perceived health, experiences of independence, participation and identity
Contact: Agneta Lindvall 

Self-care and Depression in Older People with Heart failure.

This project aims to describe the short-and long-term correlation between knowledge of personal illness and the risk of depression and mortality, and describe factors that influence self-care. The short- and long-term effects of an intervention containing disclosure about, and support of, self-care at home will also be examined.
Contact: Suzana Johansson 

Older people, Nursing Staff, Quality of Care & Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators as well as Quality of Life.

 The overall aim is to investigate quality of care, nursing sensitive quality of care indicators and nursing praxis in relation to quality of care in nursing homes. A further aim is to investigate quality of life as a patient outcome for older people living in nursing homes as well as to compare nursing home resident’s quality of life with those older people living in their own homes.
Contact: Carmen Sadikovic


Sex over sixty? 

A study on how people 60 years and older embrace their sexuality, their satisfaction with their sex life and how nursing can support the person's sexuality.
Contact: Magnus Stentagg








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