Disputationer och licentiatseminarier 2008


Licentiatseminarium, 2008-12-17, kl 09-11, sal Tellus, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Viktoria Zetterberg lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Underwater Acoustic Monitoring of moving ship by sparse sensor networks" i Tillämpad Signalbehandling.


Disputation. 2008-12-12, kl 10.00, sal Tellus, Soft Center Ronneby.

Benny Sällberg lägger fram sin avhandling "Applied Methods for Blind Speech Enhancement" i Telekommunikation - GST.


Disputation. 2008-12-11, kl 12.30, sal Smaragden, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Niklas Lavesson lägger fram sin avhandling " On the Metric-based Approach to Supervised Concept Learning" i Datavetenskap.


Disputation. 2008-12-11, kl 09.30, sal 2304A, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Etienne Mfoumou lägger fram sin avhandling " Low Frequency Acoustic Excitation and Laser Sensing of Vibration as a Tool for Remote Characterization of Thin Sheets" i Maskinteknik.


Licentiatseminarium, 2008-12-10, kl 13.15, sal 2304A, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Martin Magnevall lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats " Methods for Simulation and Characterization of Nonlinear Mechanical Structures" i Maskinteknik med inriktning mot strukturmekanik.


Licentiatseminarium, 2008-12-04, kl 13.00, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Martin Larsson lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Active Noise Control in Ventilation Systems - Practical Implementation Aspects" i Tillämpad signalbehandling.


Disputaion. 2008-10-27, kl 10.30, sal 2304A, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Dragos Ilie lägger fram sin avhandling "On Unicast QoS Routing in Overlay Networks" i Telekommunikationssystem.


Licentiatseminarium, 2008-10-09, kl 14.15, sal 3433, plan 4 i Östra flygeln.

Holmfridur Bjarnadotteir lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Master of Town Planning; BA (hons) Town Planning" i Fysisk planering.


Licentiatseminarium, 2008-10-03, kl. 10.00, sal E31, Högskolan på Gotland.

Charlotte Sennersten, lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Gameplay (3D Game Engine + Ray Tracing = Visual Attention through Eye Tracking)" i Utveckling av Digitala Spel.


Disputation. 2008-09-26, kl.10.00, sal 2404A, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Kristian Haller lägger fram sin avhandling "Acoustical Measurements of Material Nonlinearity and Nonequilibrium Recovery" i maskinteknik.


Disputation. 2008-09-19, kl.10, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Tommy Hult lägger fram sin avhandling "Space-Time Processing Applications for Wireless Communications" i telekommunikation.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-09-02, kl. 13.00, Aulan, Etapp III, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Jiandan Chen lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Multi Sensor System for Human Activities Space - Aspects of Planning and Quality Measurement" i tillämpad signalbehandling.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-09-01, kl. 13.15, Smaragden, Etapp VI, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Hanna Scott lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Towards a Framework for Software Fault and Failure Prediction and Estimation" i programvaruteknik.


Disputation. 2008-06-19, kl. 13, K3, Malmö högskola.

Simon Niedenthal lägger fram sin avhandling "Shadowplay - Simulated illumination in game worlds" i interaktionsdesign.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-06-13, kl. 10.15, Tellus, Etapp VIII, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Ulrich Engelke lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Perceptual Quality Metric Design for Wireless Image and Video Communication" i telekommunikation.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-06-05, kl. 13.15, Rio Grande, Karlshamn.

Johan Holmgren lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Multi-Agent-Based Simulation and Optimization of Product and Transportation" i datavetenskap.


Disputation. 2008-06-05, kl. 9.15, sal 2304, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Sophie Hallstedt lägger fram sin avhandling "A Foundation for Sustainable Product Development" i maskinteknik.


Disputation. 2008-06-03, kl. 13.30, Smaragden, Ronneby.

Peng Zhang lägger fram sin avhandling "Multi-agent Systems Supported Colloboration in Diabetic Healthcare" i datavetenskap.


Disputation. 2008-05-30, kl. 13.15, Rio Grande, Karlshamn.

Linda Ramstedt lägger fram sin avhandling "Transport policy analysis using multi-agent-based simulation" i datavetenskap.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-05-28, kl 14.00, Amazonas, BTH Campus Karlshamn.

Ellen Kalinga lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Development of an Interactive e-Learning Management System (e-LMS) for  Tanzanian Secondary Schools" i teknovetenskapliga studier.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-05-28, kl 9.00, Amazonas, BTH Campus Karlshamn.

Suzan Lujara lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Development of e-Learning Content and Delivery for Self Learning Environment: Case of Selected Rural Secondary Schools in Tanzania" i teknovetenskapliga studier.


Disputation. 2008-05-09, kl. 13.15, Tellus, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Simon Kågström lägger fram sin avhandling "Tools, techniques, and trade-offs when porting large software systems to new environments" i datorsystemteknik.


Disputation. 2008-04-21, kl. 13, Tellus, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Anders Johansson lägger fram sin avhandling "Acoustic sound source localisation and tracking" i tillämpad signalbehandling.


Disputation. 2008-03-25, kl. 10.00, sal 2304A, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

David Erman lägger fram sin avhandling "On BitTorrent Media Distribution" i telekommunikationssystem.


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-03-14, kl. 14.15, Lektionsrum Europa, Fysisk planering plan 4, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

Stefan Larsson lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Between Darin and Deliberating - 3G as a sustainability issue in Swedish spatial planning" i fysisk planering.


Disputation. 2008-03-14, kl. 13, Smaragden, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Jeanette Eriksson lägger fram sin avhandling "Supporting the Cooperative Design Process of End-User Tailoring" i programvaruteknik. 


Licentiatseminarium. 2008-01-29, kl. 13.15, Tellus, Soft Center, Ronneby. 

Tatiana Smirnova lägger fram sin licentiatuppsats "Dynamic Analysis and Modeling of Machine Tool Parts" i tillämpad signalbehandling. 


Disputation. 2008-01-25, kl. 13, Smaragden, Soft Center, Ronneby.

Andreas Jacobsson lägger fram sin avhandling "Privacy and Security in Internet-Based Information Systems" i datavetenskap.


Disputation. 2008-01-18, kl. 13.15, Rio Grande, Campus Karlshamn.

Inger Gustafsson lägger fram sin avhandling "Interaction Infrastructure for Transparency - a holistic approach for linking freight transport systems with information systems" i teknovetenskapliga studier. 



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