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Confucius Institute at Blekinge Institute of Technology was inaugurated in August 2011. It is the third of its kind in Sweden and there are about 300 similar institutes in 87 countries worldwide. The institute function as a center for Chinese language courses, culture and social activities.

The Confucius Institute at BTH is a collaboration between BTH, Hanban (Chinese Language Council International) in Beijing and KUST (Kunming University of Science and Technology) in Yunnan Province.

Institute's overall objective is to deepen the relations between Sweden and China and build a mutual understanding of each country's specific conditions. At the same time the institute creates opportunities for those who seek learning and development in the Chinese language, its society and culture.

The goal is to provide first class education in the Chinese language. In both university level and at primary school level. The interest for China grows and more people are choosing to study Chinese language, which is a valuable source of competitiveness in the labor market and may be the way to an international career.

The Institute offer language teaching but offer other lectures, seminars, courses and activities. These are designed to stimulate the knowledge which is increasingly requested of China society, business and culture.

Schools that are interested to set up Chinese language courses are welcome to contact us!














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