Why study Chinese?

Learning Chinese is more than just learning a language. It is a starting point to understand all parts of China, society, economy, politics and of course the rich culture. Proficiency in the Chinese language can be the first step on a personal journey filled with new opportunities and personal development.

China´s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and may probably around year 2025 be the largest. Chinese is also the world´s largest language, 1.3 billion people speak Chinese. For Swedish and European companies Asia and China are representing the most promising growth markets. Many Swedish and European companies are seeking personnel with knowledge about China and Chinese language. By combining your knowledge of Chinese along with studies in other subject you may reach a competence that is both competitive, will open doors and prepare you for the challenges in the twenty first century.

Learning Chinese is not as difficult as you think. The Chinese grammar is not complicated and it goes pretty quickly to learn, understand and speak the language. Knowledge of the characters require more time and discipline but it is also a creative process and the reward is you get an insight into one of the most fascinating countries.

For the Autumn semester 2015 Confucius Institute will offer two introductory courses in Chinese. Introduction to Chinese I and Introduction to Chinese II, these are 7.5 credits each. It is possible to read the first course and then build on your knowledge in Introduction to Chinese II. The courses runs either on campus or online. This course aims to develop the students ability to comprehend and communicate in Chinese language.

The language courses aims to teach you to understand and speak Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), ie. to conduct simple conversations, listen and understand and have knowledge of basic phonological aspects and sentence patterns.  Basic Course in Chinese is a continuation course and will give you a good command of Chinese.

You apply to the courses via antagning.se. International students apply via universityadmissions.se

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