Confucius institute, Blekinge Institute of technology

During the last spring, BTH signed an agreement with an agency under the Chinese Ministry of Education to establish a Confucius Institute at BTH. Similar institutions are in about 320 other places in the world and are primarily designed to educate students in the Chinese language and Chinese culture. The establishment of the institute at BTH is the result of a long-term cooperation between BTH and Kunming University of Science and Technology and between Blekinge county and Yunnan province.

On August 8, 2011 the Confucius Institute at BTH opened with a ceremony at BTHs main campus in Karlskrona. Host was BTHs Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass. From China the Vice Governor of Yunnan Province participated, as well as the employees of the provincial government. Rectors of Kunming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan University and official representatives from China's embassy in Stockholm also attended. The governor of Blekinge county Gunvor Engström and University Chancellor Lars Haikola spoke at the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony the guests were shown around BTH and the day ended with lunch.

The Confucius Institute at Blekinge Institute of Technology
Opening Ceremony August 8th, 2011


07.45 Reception
08.00 Welcome address by Mrs. Ursula Hass
08.15 Welcome address by Mrs. Gunvor Engström
08.30 Speech by Mr.Yang Baojian
08.45 Speech by Mr. Zhou Rong
09.00 Official unveiling of the Confucius Plaque
by Mrs. Hass, Mrs. Engström, Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhou
09.15 Speech by Mr. Lars Haikola (to be confirmed)
09.30 Tea and coffee break
10.15 Campus Tour
12.00 Lunch
Closing of the official part of the opening ceremony

Venue: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Main campus, Multisalen, Karlskrona

Invited guests and officials

Kunming University of Science and Technology
Mr. ZHOU Rong, President
Mr.YANG Baojian, Vice President

Yunnan University
Mr. HE Tianchun, President

People’s Government of Yunnan Province
Mr. HAO Kun, Deputy Director-General, Foreign Affairs Office
Mr. ZOU Ping, Deputy Director-General, Education Department

Embassy of P.R. China in Sweden
Mr. ZHANG Ning, Counselor for Educational Affairs, Educational Office
Mr. ZHANG Hong, Second Secretary, Educational Office

Consulate-General of P.R. China in Gothenburg
Mr. CUI Huixin, Consul General
Mrs. YU Xiaomin
Mr. LU Cheng

County of Blekinge
Mrs. Gunvor Engström, Governor
Mr. Lennart Olsson, Head of Industry and International Relations

Swedish National Agency for Higher Education
Mr. Lars Haikola, University Chancellor of Sweden


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