Confucius Institute's activities will have several different focuses such as the universities, the industry, secondary and primary schools and public education institutes.

University students will be given the opportunity to study courses in basic language comprehension in Mandarin, Chinese business, Chinese technology and advanced studies in Mandarin. In addition, courses in Chinese culture, history and philosophy will be held.

Industry and business will be offered specially designed courses in management, Chinese business culture and language.

Schools and municipalities that offer their students language courses and courses about culture in China will have the opportunity to be supported by the Confucius Institute. This may be done by providing information on how schools implement their learning as well as orientation of available expertise.

The Institute will encourage Public Education Institutions such as TBV, ABF and Medborgarskolan to offer courses in Chinese culture and philosophy, society and the Chinese language.

Confucius Institute will arrange social activities. It will be friendly gatherings with socializing, exchange of ideas and thoughts with each other along with special activities. We currently plan four social activities per year. These will be implemented in the context of Chinese festivals and ceremonies. In most cases, everyone who has a curiosity and interest in Swedish - Chinese culture are welcome.

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