The Institute is headed by a board consisting of representatives of the County Administrative Board of Blekinge, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) and Yunnan Province in China.


Chairman Ursula Hass, Vice-Chancellor, BTH

Vice Chairman Zhou Rong, vice-chancellor, KUST

Anders Hederstierna, Deputy President, BTH and director of Confucius Institute

Lennart Olsson, Head of Division for Regional Economics and Development of Industry and Commerce, County Administrative Board of Blekinge.

N.N Marketing Manager, BTH

Mr CHE Yong Ping, Deputy Dean, Professor language education, KUST

Ihsan Zakri, International coordinator, BTH

Mr Cheng Heming, Vice President, KUST

Mr Lu Jiang Sheng, Dean, School of International Programs, KUST

Mr Deng Gang, Director, Division of International Cooperation, KUST

Operational responsibility

Operational responsibility rests on the director, Anders Hederstierna, BTHCI with;

Professor CHE Yong Ping (Mr.), Deputy Dean

Ihsan Zakri, Senior Advisor

Anna Eriksson, Coordinator, BTHCI

Ms. Yin Ting, Teachers

Mr. Rao Chun, Teachers

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