Quality Assurance at Blekinge Institute of Technologykvalitetslogga

The quality assurance work of Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) aims to create the best prerequisites for good quality higher education, successful research and cooperation with society. When it comes to education activities, students' and doctoral students' interests are always at the center:

"The starting-point for the development and implementation of study programs and courses at BTH is that students and doctoral students achieve good results in relation to the national targets and intented learning outcomes that apply to each educational program. The students and doctoral students that are awarded a degree from BTH will possess knowledge in the specific field of study as well as have developed competences such as critical thinking, independence, communication skills and problem solving in order to be able to meet the requirements of a changeable job market." ("Policy for Quality Assurance Work: Education at Undergraduate, Advanced and Research Levels," approved by the University Board on May 9, 2014).

To quality assure a higher education institution implies developing strategies for the continuous enhancement of quality at every level of the organization. Our quality assurance system therefore includes activities that together aim to assure the quality of the education offered and the research conducted at Blekinge Institute of Technology as well as to enhance their competitiveness, nationally and internationally: development, improvement, procedures for reviewing and following-up as well as learning from good practice. Prioritized internal activities and measures are described in the university's "Program and Action Plan for Quality Assurance regarding education, 2015" (approved by the Vice-Chancellor on January 30, 2015).

On this web page you will find documents, projects, seminars and other activities that directly refer to quality assurance work at Blekinge Institute of Technology.   

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