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N.H. Ibragimov

Nail H. Ibragimov was educated at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Novosibirsk University, and worked in the USSR Academy of Sciences from 1965 to 1993. Since 1976 he lectured intensely all over the world. During 1994-2000 he held a professorial position in South Africa. Currently he is Professor of Mathematics and director of ALGA at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.

Professor Ibragimov is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in the field of symmetry analysis of differential equations. He initiated and conducted major developments in theory and applications of modern group analysis. His contributions are: theory of generalized motions in Riemannian spaces containing Killing's equations as a particular case (1969); extension of Pauli's group for the Dirac equations (1969); differential algebraic approach to conservation theorems and proof of the inverse Noether theorem (1969); discovery of a group theoretic nature of the Huygens principle in wave propagation and solution of Hadamard's problem in space-times with non-trivial conformal group (1970); new conservation laws in fluid dynamics (1973); new theories on Lie-Bäcklund transformation groups (1979) and approximate symmetries (1987); nonlocal symmetries in mechanics (1987); symmetry approach to fundamental solutions and invariance principles in initial value problems (1992); derivation of Laplace type invariants for parabolic equations (2000) and solution of Laplace problem on invariants of hyperbolic equations (2004).

Professor Ibragimov initiated and edited publication of the most authoritative source in modern group analysis - the multivolume Handbook of Lie group analysis of differential equations (CRC Press, 1996). His monograph Transformation groups applied to mathematical physics (Nauka, 1983) was awarded the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology. His recent book Elementary Lie group analysis and ordinary differential equations (Wiley, 1999) is the first modern university text where the basic integration methods are derived from invariance principles.

Apart from research, Nail Ibragimov took a keen interest in popularization of the philosophy of Lie groups. In 1983 he started a series of annual conferences MOGRAN (Modern Group Analysis). Today, MOGRAN is a world wide known international forum in this field.

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