The Program Committee is delighted to announce the following minisymposia:

New Problems in Nonlinear Dynamics 

(dedicated to Valentin Afraimovich 70 birthday)


  • Nonlinear Phenomena in dynamical systems
  • Periodic solutions and chaos in nonlinear systems
  • Discontinuous systems and switchability
  • Switching systems and nonlinear discrete systems
  • Dynamical system synchronization and tracking
  • Nonlinear wave dynamics and structural vibration with discontinuity
  • Discontinuity mechanism of controlled dynamical systems
  • Stability and computational methods in hybrid dynamical systems


Professor  Albert C.J. Luo, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, SouthernIllinois Universityat Edwardsville, USA

Professor Xavier Leoncini, Centre de Physique Théorique,  Aix-Marseille Université, France 

Download the Flyer of the Mini-Symposium in PDF

New trends in Mathematical and Computational Modelling


  • new models in oil and gas engineering;
  • symmetries and exact solutions of fractional differential equations;
  • symmetries and exact solutions of integro-differential equations;
  • high performance computing in oil and gas engineering.

Professor Vitalii A. Baikov, Department of Mathematics, Ufa State Aviation Technical University,  Russia

Professor Rafail K. Gazizov, Department of High-Performance Computing Technologies and Systems, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russia
Download the Flyer of the Mini-Symposium in PDF

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