Invited lecturers

Stephen Anco (Canada), Conservation Laws of Differential Equations and their Connections to Symmetries,

George Bluman (Canada), Some modern developments related to symmetries and conservation laws for partial differential equations, (Download PDF presentations of Lecture1, Lecture 2 and Lectures 3-4)

Chui-Jie Wu (China),  Theory of optimal dynamical systems and applications in fluid mechanics, 

Maria Luz Gandarias (Spain), Invariant solutions and reductions of partial differential equations using group analysis and free software Maxima, (Download PDF presentations of Lecture 1 and Lecture 2, Example1.datExample1.mac, Example2.datExample2.mac, Symgrp2009.max)

Vladimir Gerdt (Russia), Computer algebra applied to polynomial and differential systems,

Nail Ibragimov (Sweden, Russia), Group analysis of mathematical models (Downöoad PDF presentations of Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4)

Video record of Lecture I, Lecture II Part I, Lecture II Part II, Lecture III Part I, Lecture III Part II,  Lecture IV Part I, Lecture IV Part II.

Raisa Khamitova (Sweden), Integration of differential equations by Lie group method (Download PDF presentations of Lectures1-2 and Lectures 3-4)

Video record of Lecture 1, Lecture2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5, Lecture 6.

Albert Chao-Jun Luo (USA), Implicit mapping dynamics and periodic motions in nonlinear dynamical systems

Vladimir F. Kovalev (Russia), Symmetries and invariant solutions of nonlocal problem swith application to plasma physics (Download PDF presentation of Lectures1-4)

Peter Olver (USA). Introduction to Lie groups and moving frames and their applications (Download Lecture 1)

Valentin Afraimovich (Mexico), An Introduction to the Dynamical Systems (Download PDF presentation of Lectures)

Xavier Leoncini (France), Dynamical approaches to statistical physics (Download PDF presentations of Lecture1, Lecture2, Lecture3, Lecture4)


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