League of worlds conference

The 4th Annual League of Worlds Conference was held in Karlskrona, Sweden in October. Hosted by BTH and located at the Karlskrona Naval Museum, the conference enjoyed a multitude of delegates from around the globe.

League of Worlds started in 2004 with its primary areas of concentration being:

  • theoretical analysis
  • the development of practical applications
  • the documentation of framework projects and case studies

This year's conference was situated around the virtual world "Second Life" with the keynote speaker, John Lester, coming from "Second Life's" creator, Linden Labs. BTH honorary doctor Jay Bolter from Georgia Tech gave his presentation virtually along with Celia Pearce on "Augmented Reality and Second Life".

Spanning four days the conference participants also delved into: Learning and collaborative learning environments, Space, and Virtual identities just to name a few.

Also involved were the, soon to be, graduating class of the Literature, Culture and Digital Media program. These students gave a poster session entitled "Voices of Karlskrona". This was an interesting project in conjunction with Karlskrona using mobile phones as historical guides to the city. Production included audio and video segments that the students created, filmed, recorded and edited to give an interactive historical view of Karlskrona's past.

The final day wound to a close with the showing of "Remixological Postcinematic Performance Machine". This amazing performance with BTH's own Talan Memmott as catalyst gave the conference participants a look at an amazing piece that is performed by 5 students; 3 controlling the images, 1 controlling the audio track and 1 directing as an orchestra conductor would.

For more information on the League of Worlds, please got to http://www.leagueofworlds.com/ and for a look at the abstracts of papers given you can link to them via the schedule page: http://www.leagueofworlds.com/schedule

Text: Teri Schamp-Bjerede och Maria Bäcke

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