BTH making Swedish higher education prevalent in India

  • Two Double Degree Programs launched successfully
  • 42 students to reach Sweden in March after finishing the first semester in Indian Universities
  • Opportunity for Swedish Students to Study in India
  • Andhra University became the first university in India to adopt same curricula and learning structure of Swedish Education System (dividing entire Semester into 2 learning Period, 2 courses in one learning period)

Present Story

Taking the inputs from last visit to Indian universities during August 06, the concrete strategy was jointly developed by Prof. Jan-Olof Gustavsson, Prof. Lars Lundberg, Maria Engelmark and Velpula Gurudutt Kumar to upgrade the Signed Memorandum of Understanding to concrete Cooperation by framing Joint academic projects ( Double Degree Masters Programs) with Indian Universities with main motive to attract the talented and motivated students from India, to establish future base for joint research projects and also help in providing talented human resource to the region.

Two new Double Degree Programs in field of technology at Masters Level were launched successfully in collaboration with Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Hyderabad under new memorandum of cooperation in field of Software Engineering and Signal Processing was signed by Dr. Ursula Hass and respective vice chancellors of Indian Universities, Prof.L.Venugopal Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Andhra University and Prof.K.RajaGopal, Vice Chancellor, JNTU -Hyderabad.

The exact curricula and structure of BTH is being adopted for these two programs in Andhra University and with minor changes at JNTU -Hyderabad. The most interesting thing is that Andhra University became the first university in India to adopt learning structure of Swedish Universities by dividing entire Semester into 2 learning Period, 2 courses in one learning period. This clearly sends the positive indications that Swedish education System will be much popular in coming days in India. They believe that Swedish learning system provides better scope to master the subjects in detail and enhances analytic and critical thinking of student. Earlier six to seven courses were taught in parallel in a single learning semester in Andhra University. This new experiment received great appreciation from students and as well as the faculty in Andhra University, mainly applauded by Prof.L.Venugopal Reddy, Vice Chancellor,Andhra University, Prof.Allam Appa Rao,Principal,AU College of Engineering,Prof.M.Jagannadha Rao and others.

The two programs are framed in such a way that students finish their first semester in India, two mandatory semesters in Sweden and the final thesis with an ample option to do it either in India or Sweden. In the end, students are awarded with two degrees - one from BTH and other from Indian University. This special arrangement increases the face value of degree make them free from local recognition hurdles which students usually face at the time of employment or PhD Studies in India or Sweden after pursuing studies from foreign university. This program protects the future of the students in better way both in Sweden and aboard than an ordinary degree from a foreign university. This program is open to both Swedish and Indian Students with equal share of opportunity.

Presently 42 students are enrolled in the DD programs and out which 40 students already received residence permits. The students enrolled are made to get acquainted with Swedish education system, which enables them get ready before they arrive to BTH.

These students will make their journey to Sweden after clearing all the subjects in first semester examination in one attempt. Students with very good background and high grades are made eligibility to this program. So the best qualities of Indian students are going to reach on March 31.

Mr. Mikael Asman, Program Manager, MSc-Electrical Engineering, Dr.Frederik Wernsted, Program Manager,MSc- Software Engineering and Dr.Richard Torkar ,Assistant Proffessor visited India to work along with Velpula Gurudutt Kumar in Indian Universities.

For further Information of the universities:

Andhra University -

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University -

Text: Gurudutt Kumar Velpula



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