BTH-professors world leading in sustainability research

Professors Göran Broman and Karl-Henrik Robèrt have been jointly nominated as finalists for The Globe Sustainability Research Award. Their sustainability research is regarded to be among top six in the world. The distinguished jury is led by the Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Mohan Munasinghe.

The jury’s evaluation includes five dimensions: (1) the originality of the research, (2) the practical applicability of the research, (3) the importance of the research for economic development, (4) the importance of the research for the environment and (5) the importance of the research for social development and the development of society as a whole.

The work of professors Broman and Robèrt on the development of an overarching methodology for strategic sustainable development and aligned methods and tools, and their work on making this widely accessible at a time when it is needed the most, is considered excellent in all dimensions.

- I'm very proud that two of the world leading professors in sustainability research work at BTH.  Sustainability research is a very important research area which is in line with the vision and strategic mission of BTH says Ursula Hass, vice-chancellor at BTH.

The methodology has been developed theoretically, tested in the real world, refined, tested again, etc., over two decades of action research.  Due to the breakthroughs in this research it is now possible for companies in entire value chains and different sectors of society in entire regions to cooperate for sustainability based on a scientifically robust methodology. There are many testimonials that this methodology has helped solving problems and creating innovative solutions in business and society. Some recent examples are a unique value chain cooperation for a sustainable polymer industry and the municipality Whistler in Canada - Olympic Game Host 2010 - which has been recognized by UN for its regional development work based on this methodology.

- We lead this pioneering work together so we are especially happy to be jointly recognized. Also, working on the border to a new paradigm and developing new methodology often renders some resistance and lack of understanding form the establishment, which, of course, makes such a fantastic recognition even more appreciated by us and our colleagues, says Göran and Karl-Henrik.

For further information please call Professor Göran Broman on +46 (0)455-385504 or Professor Karl-Henrik Robèrt on +46 (0)455-385527. Please also see

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