Christian Johansson, Senior Lecturer

Product Development Research Lab (PDRL) | School of Engineering | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Short Bio

Christian Johansson got his PhD at Luleå University of Technology in 2009 within the area of knowledge managment within a product development context.

Christian's main focus and areas of interest lies within engineering design, design thinking, knowledge enabled engineering, and decision support.


Research focus: 

  • Knowledge Maturity and Decision Support
  • Design Thinking
  • Knowledge Engineering


  • Model Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S) KKS research profile. More info.



PhD Supervisor for:

  • Md. Shafiqul Islam (assistant supervisor) 

Christian has been supervisor for:
  • Massimo Panarotto (PhD 2015)
  • Alessandro Bertoni (PhD 2013)
  • Koteshwar Chirumalla (PhD 2013)


Christian is Programme Director for the Master's Programme in Sustainable Product Service System Innovation (MSPI). See MSPI web for more information about the program.

Christian teaches in the following courses:

  • Extreme PSS Innovation - MT2544 (resp.) 
  • Design Thinking - MT2547 (resp.)
  • Knowledge Enabled Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Course 1
  • Innovative and Sustainable Product Development



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