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Applied signal processing

The Applied Signal Processing research field is one of the oldest and most successful fields at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The 20-years theoretical and practical experience brings new insight to international research and new solutions to Industry around the world. Our deep knowledge in acoustical signal processing has resulted in about twenty patent families and approximately hundreds follow-up patents in this field. The research group in Applied Signal Processing does most of the research-work in close cooperation with industry. The combination of bridging knowledge from the scientific community with our long industrial experience creates new innovative solutions.

Our mission is future innovations. Our art is signal processing.


All signals are useful signals in our view. We collect, transform, and filter different kind of signals for the purpose of making them favorable for the receiving party. Our research activities proceed in different areas such as audio and video noise reduction, speech enhancement, acoustic modeling, filter bank design, beam forming, echo cancellation, sound localization, blind algorithm development and pattern recognition etc. More specific information about our research in Applied Signal Processing is available at the links below:

Enhancement and measurement of image and video quality

Fuzzy Logic in Wireless Communications

Low-complexity receiver structures for impulse radio (IR) UWB systems

Pattern Recognition

Echo cancellation

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