Waterjet cutting nozzle and abrasive.Waterjet Cutting

The waterjet cutting research group at BTH is working with the competence and technical development of waterjet cutting and related topics. Currently we are doing research within the areas of polishing of materials using waterjet and cutting of composite materials. In addition we are doing shorter projects together with industry partners as designers, waterjet cutting systems providers, abrasive suppliers and other end-users of the technology. We have a strong commitment towards industry focused research questions, and are open to discuss future collaboration with partners from different industry sectors as well as from academic partners.

At the department of mechanical engineering we are giving lectures for example within production technology as well as giving courses in waterjet cutting, see more information here. Our strong commitment for the technology is also the reason why we are offering the possibility for pupils from elementary school to visit us for doing activities during their free days from school.

Waterjet cutting is a very useful technology with applications ranging from surgery to aero space. Its main advantages are that it does not heat affect the work piece material and that it is possible to cut more or less any material. The research group at BTH consists of five employees plus students. We are always interested of hosting foreign students who wants to do their thesis work here in beautiful south of Sweden.

If you want to know more about waterjet technology please have a look at our you-tube channel www.youtube.com/swedishwaterjetlab.

Or if you want a direct contact, please contact the research leader Anders Jönsson (ajo @ bth.se), + 46 708 780 152

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