Workshop on Value Models in Value Innovation course

The Value Innovation course (part of the MSPI, Industrial Economics, and Mechanical Engineering programs) had one of two full workshop days Sept 17. The objective was to dig deeper into The Value Model course book that is being used as the main resource in the course. Per Lindstedt (author, Value Model) was in town to share his view on how you create uncontested value space in product-service innovation.

Per of Value Model in workshop mode with Value Innovation students.

The day was a perfect preparation for the next step in the course that consists of starting to work  LIVE with companies in projects of creating new, value-adding solutions.

The teams have formed and will work with:

  • Cockpit: Automobile supply chain project together with a Swedish automobile industry project
  • Karlskronaglass: A Karlskrona startup in ice-cream sector
  • Treatlite: Low energy laser treatment innovation
  • Blekinge Health Arena: Promotion of new forms of exercise to improve life-long health
  • Happy Living: Magic sand pillow for support

Course responsible Professor Tobias C.

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