New people at PDRL

Farnaz Motamediyan (MSPI'12) will work in close collaboration with a company partner (Volvo CE) to look at an extension of her thesis project and target creativity and multi-project overload to achieve innovation performance in product development.

Yan Zhang & Xi Chen (both MSPI'12) will work with a company partner (Volvo CE) to look at needfinding in product-service system innovation for emerging markets

Erik Andreasson started before the summer as industrial PhD candidate with TetraPak to look at packaging fracture, and innovation. Erik will work with Sharon Kao-Walter and Tobias Larsson as PDRL supervisors.

Babak Khoda Bandeloo started in August as PhD candidate in Structural Mechanics inside the BESST EU project. Babak will work with Prof Claes Hedberg as supervisor.

We welcome you to the Product Development Research Lab!

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