Value Innovation Deep Dive

Value Innovation (MT2519) is a Mechanical Engineering course that targets the development of products with uncontested new value on the market. In the course, the students are asked to work on real projects together with company partners with the aim of creating new, adding-value solutions.

Value Innovation Deep Dive

The course is part of the MSPI, Industrial Economics, and Mechanical Engineering programs) and went into “deep dive” mode for 2nd time October 2 with coaching by Per Lindstedt, one of the authors of the book “The Value Model” and working with Value Innovation for more than 20 years.

During the one-day workshop the students have first experienced the differences of thinking “inside the box” and “outside the box”, getting insights of advantages and disadvantages of the two ways. And they together conclude that the best way of doing brainstorming is, to cite Per Lindstedt: “finding a new box, and then generate as many ideas as possible inside it”.

The day then followed by working with the students’ respective projects, looking at innovation following trends of evolution, user driven innovation and TRIZ.

Now the teams go into their final push, and will present their outcomes early november.

The teams are:

  • Cockpit: Automobile supply chain project together with a Swedish automobile industry project
  • Karlskronaglass: A Karlskrona startup in ice-cream sector
  • Treatlite: Low energy laser treatment innovation
  • Blekinge Health Arena: Promotion of new forms of exercise to improve life-long health
  • Happy Living: Magic sand material for physical support

For more information: Course responsible Professor Tobias C. Larsson, +46 (0)455-38 55 25, tobias.larsson@bth.seProduct Development Research Lab.

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