Innovation workshop with Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medicine Center

An innovation workshop with the Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medicine Center (DNC) was facilitated by BTH in collaboration with KI, KTH and businesses. The aim was to find cooperation opportunities for the various stakeholders and to thus obtain faster development in the area.

DNC entre

Some 15 people were gathered for two days to find new opportunities for collaboration between the collective operators the diving area (technology development, engineering, diving, medicin etc.).

The work was carried out through a workshop format (MOVE workshop) where the basic idea is that cross-functional teams should be encouraged to "think together" and together create ideas, concepts and activities to bring the selected business forward. The focus is on the identification of opportunities, rather than eliminate risks, and the facilitators (Tobias Larsson and Massimo Panarotto from PDRL) used a variety of methods and approaches for achieving dynamic discussions and an end result that can be put into practice immediately. Method cards, facilitation maps, and practical group exercises were part of the workshop format, and participants were addressing needs and opportunities from many different directions.

MOVE format is based on three main steps as shown below.

MOVE workshop

The participants were given a tour of the fantastic facilities at the naval base in Karlskrona area to inspire for the creative work and to create a good image of the "present" and "the way we do today" (POW).

DNC pressure chamber

After POW! the participants carried out NOW?, WOW!, HOW? and out of the proposed activity created as the final result will then further cooperation begin.

Tobias Larsson opens the DNC workshop

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For more information, contact Professor Tobias C. Larssontobias.larsson@bth.seProduct Development Research Lab.

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