Farnaz Motamediyan presents "Impacts of project-overload on innovation inside organizations" paper in Italy

It is always a desirable adventure for young researchers to attend to international conferences with a big variety of interests. In addition to proper learning process and wide networking opportunities, another advantage of multi-discipline conferences is the moments of practicing the real thinking out of the box; to meet the interest of many researchers in the field of innovation engineering.

November 14-16 Farnaz Motamediyan from BTH/PDRL attended The International Innovation and Technology Conference, ICTI2012 in Venice, Italy. Farnaz presented her conference paper "Impacts of project-overload on innovation inside organizations: Agent-based modeling", based on her thesis project (Exploring Impacts of Project Overload on Creativity: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach) together with Volvo Construction Equipment, a BTH research partner.

Farnaz presenting in Italy

Farnaz presented her latest paper in relationships of organizational problems- namely project overload - on innovation capacity of her case study in construction industry, Volvo CE.

“It was a really good opportunity; nice conference, interesting presentations, lovely participants and of course beautiful city. Now I feel more ambitious to expand my research to something that truly matters for both economy and our society.” Farnaz said.

Currently, Farnaz is working at BTH in a project together with Volvo CE to explore the project planning impacts onto creativity in the product innovation and development.

Conference paper

For more information, contact the Product Development Research Lab responsible: Professor Tobias C. Larsson,tobias.larsson@bth.se.




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