Welcome Mikael Johnsson, PhD candidate

Mikael Johnsson is an industrial PhD candidate, working with a focus on innovative product development in close academia/industry collaboration, joining BTH as a part of the KKS research profile "Model Driven Development and Decision Support" where he will start of his work in "Use Case 2 - iCoach and iGroups" with Volvo Construction Equipment being the leading partner. Mikael is coming in with a licentiate in engineering from Mälardalen University presented in February; "Innovation Groups – Before Innovation Work Starts" and will continue his track towards PhD at BTH under the supervision of Tobias Larsson, and Tomas Backström (MDH).

Mikael Johnsson

Who are you and what do you do in research?

My name is Mikael, living in Västerås with my two children and being interested of anything on wheels. I love to work out off the office, as i.e. in a café, a lobby or anywhere where I get influences from the reality. I have a passion for innovation in all ways, I love to practice it by myself but also to help others to get started and companies to implement innovation in their organizations. All companies are depending on innovation if they want to stay in business in the long run as I see it, where I think one way is to create innovation groups consisting of employees on part time from different departments. In my research I focus on such innovation groups and how they create values in interest of the company, as I believe innovation groups are an efficient way of managing innovation.

What do you hope to bring to the BTH community and partners?

I really hope my passion for implementing innovation in companies will be appreciated by BTH and their partners. As I have been practicing innovation work by my self, as innovation advisor and project manager since 2002 I have experience from both successful and not so lucky innovation projects. This is an asset when it comes to new innovation projects where I can demonstrate the innovation process and point out short cuts and pitfalls along the journey. I’m convinced that innovation work can be spread out in an organization where almost everyone can participate with his/her knowledge, and I also know how to involve these untapped assets into practical innovation projects. Try me :)

For more information: Product Development Research Lab Director, Professor Tobias C. Larssontobias.larsson@bth.se, +46(0)455-385525.



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