Urban Mining project with Stanford & Volvo CE

BTH and Stanford students are during autumn 2014 – spring 2015 working together on a project to develop a concept for Urban Mining. The project is part of the course “ME310 Global” (Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering) which aims to build students capabilities in design thinking by matching students with real life problems, and hence in collaboration with corporate partners.

Stanford ME310 Kick-off

Tobias Larsson & Christian Johansson at ME310/SUGAR Kick-off at Stanford University.

The basic idea is that in any city today, constructing a new building usually involves deconstructing an old one. Instead of carting all the debris to a land fill, one should reprocess and reuse as much as possible onsite. This concept of Urban Mining shall be explored by a joint team of BTH & Stanford University students in engineering.

Volvo Construction Equipment is a research partner of BTH Product Development Research Lab and are the clients in this global innovation engineering challenge.

Partners in the 2014/15 project are:

  • Volvo Construction Equipment (client)
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology (project owner)
  • Stanford University (educational partner)
  • Explorers Club (Culture Coaching)

För mer information: Product Development Research Lab Director, Professor Tobias C. Larssontobias.larsson@bth.se, +46(0)455-385525.



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