BESST - Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies

BESSTObjective: The Large Scaled Integrating Project BESST "Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies" aims to achieve a breakthrough in competitiveness, environmentally friendliness and safety of European built ships. Focusing on passenger ships, ferries and mega-yachts, the results will to a large extend be applicable also to other ships.

A holistic life cycle performance assessment on ship level will guide the technical developments on system level, clustered in System Groups. The results will be integrated in virtual show cases (ship concepts) demonstrating the technical solutions as well as the life cycle impact compared to current designs.

BTH project Leader: Prof Claes Hedberg, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Time span: 2009-2013

Funding: ?? MSEK, EU Integrated Project

Partners: The BESST consortium is formed by leading EU shipyards, including STX Finland, STX France, Fincantieri, Meyer Werft, Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems and Damen Group. In addition, twenty research institutes and universities, five classification societies and 31 industrial companies (17 of which SME) are part of the research network.

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