Massimo Panarotto presented his Licentiate thesis

Sept 13 (friday the 13th ;-) ), Massimo Panarotto, PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, presented his Licentiate thesis today. The title of the thesis is: "Capturing Value in Conceptual PSS Design : Perspectives from the Automotive Supply Chain".

Massimo lic

Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Massimo Panarotto, Tobias Larsson

Associate Professor Anna Öhrwall-Rönnbäck of Linköping University was the licentiate opponent and delivered an enjoyable session for the audience. Massimo started out by presenting his work for some 40 minutes, whereafter Anna continued the session by asking high and low questions on the topic to understand the reasoning, logic and value of the thesis.

Massimo has conducted his research mainly within the SåNätt project focusing value chain collaboration in automotive industry to lower weight and increase value. Supervisors have been Professor Tobias Larsson of BTH, Mechanical Engineering, and Associate Professor Andreas Larsson of Lund University, Innovation Engineering.

The thesis was deemed good by the exminer and Massimo can now titulate himself as Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering.

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