Completed projects

SåNätt - Collaboration as Enabler for Light Weight Vehicles - 2013


SÅNÄTT is a collaborative project driven by the common goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry through lightweight innovation. Academics, automotive suppliers and one vehicle manufacturer collaborated in the research and development of design concepts aimed to cost effectively reduce the weight of a classic family saloon by 20-40%.
Project completion brief: BTH-SaNatt-brochure.pdf
Project web site:
BTH project web page:
Participants: Tobias Larsson, Massimo Panarotto

Wave Power System Development - 2012


Project completion brief: BTH-PDRL-Project-OHT-completed.pdf
In cooperation with 
Ocean Harvesting Technology.
Participants: A. Berghuvud, A. Josefsson, C. Hedberg
PhD thesis of Andreas Josefsson: Identification and Simulation Methods for Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Subjected to Stochastic Excitation

Dynamics in Metal Cutting - 2011

Dynamics metal cutting

Project completion brief: BTH-PDRL-Project-DynamicsMetalCutting-completed.pdf
Industrial PhD support: Sandvik AB

STA participants: Martin Magnevall
PhD thesis of Marting Magnevall: Simulation and Experimental Methods for Characterization of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems

A Directive Sonar - 2011

Directive sonar

Project completion brief: BTH-PDRL-Project-DirectivSonar-completed.pdf
In cooperation with: Kockums AB
Participants: Sara Andersson, Michael Einwächter, Claes Hedberg, Hideyuki Nomura

Ultraljudsbehandling av vävnad - 2010

Ultraljud vävnad

Project completion brief: BTH-PDRL-Project-UttraljudVävnad-completed.pdf
External financial support: Blekinge Forskningsråd
Main applicant: C. Hedberg
Participants: K. Haller, C. Hedberg.

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