Innovations and products

Sharing ideaIn research, courses, projects and theses the results once and a while ends up in solutions that are of innovative character. Here we put on display some of the resulting innovations and products, and sometimes companies, that have been developed in close collaboration with researchers from the group.

Cooperation is the word regarding this type of innovative development.

We collaborate with BTH Innovation, and BBI - Blekinge Business Incubator to commercialise product and give students support.

Examples coming from research

The GUL Engine - Innovative engine development

In the GUL project a radically new, and patented, engine was being further developed and analyzed, with focus on dynamic loads. The engine was targeting less vibrations, less fuel consumption and less noise (Tobias Larsson).

Collaboration Gul

Research Based Company Start-up: Acoustic Agree AB

Acoustic Agree

Acoustic Agree AB is a company active in non-destructive testing using ultrasound technology. It is based on the research by Kristian Haller (PhD) during his time at BTH Mechanical Engineering. 

Kristian Haller
Acoustical Measurements of Material Nonlinearity and Nonequilibrium Recovery
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral Dissertation Series No. 2008:11


Nova Innovation Solutions AB is a research based start-up building on waterjet cutting research, where a new industrial polishing method has been developed. Anders Jönsson, Director of Swedish WaterJet Lab and PhD from Mechanical Engineering, is one of the actors in the new business that is commercializing the approach.


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