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PDRL - Product Development Research Lab

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Product Development Research Lab

We do research and education within Mechanical Engineering, and focus methods, tools and rationale to support companies to deliver innovative sustainable products with higher value to the customers.

Our research is organized in the following thematic areas:

  • Engineering Design (product focus) - The ability to have a methodological approach to engineer and deliver new products using computer based tools and methods.
  • Innovation Engineering (process focus) - How to work with incremental and radical innovation in teams and organisations
  • Product-Service Systems (process focus) - The ability to develop products in combination with service offerings to create value innovation with a lifecycle and sustainability focus. 
  • Structural Analysis (analysis focus)  - The ability to analyse dynamics and statics of material and components including experimental methods.
  • Water Jet Production Systems (production focus) - This area is focused on the advantages and approaches of water jet for production

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Find our research projects here.

We participate in the following joint ventures:

Karlskrona Makerspace

Karlskrona Makerspace is our facilities for co-creation where we have 3D printers, 3D scanning, robotic stuff, electronics etc. http://www.karlskronamakerspace.org


10X Labs is a space, a culture & a method for building exponential innovation and solving the world's most wicked problems. http://www.10xlabs.io

Techtank logo

Techtank is a regional cluster aimed at improving the competititveness of the engineering companies. http://www.techtank.se

Water Jet Sweden logo

The Waterjet Lab is situated in Ronneby and deal with development and research in waterjet cutting and polishing. http://www.waterjet-lab.se/


SICAHT | Swedish Innovation Center for Aplied Health Technology is a need driven innovation effort aimed to drive the development of smart digital products and services, and to make the health care system work more efficiently. http://sicaht.org/en/

Ocean Energy Center

Ocean Energy Center is an innovation platform for ocean energy technologies, ranging from marine biofuels to wave‚ tidal and offshore wind power. http://www.oceanenergycentre.org


PIEp - Product Innovation Engineering Program  is a program that aims at increasing product and service innovations and hence competitiveness in Sweden. http://www.piep.se

Result centre

Kunskapsförmedlingen - Result Center™ is a meeting place for Swedish research in product realization. This entails product development, production, post market and product support. Here you can learn more about the latest results from research projects and studies, and get in touch with researchers at universities, institutes and in the industry. http://www.kunskapsformedlingen.se

We look into a Design Thinking oriented way of understanding, representing, creating, designing, modelling and simulating products and services in early phases of the innovation process in order to be able to make informed decisions to achieve sustainable innovation output.

This knowledge is at the heart of BTH strategy for applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth.

Product Development Research Lab - PDRL

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For more information, please use the links in the menu or contact the Product Development Research Lab responsible: Professor Tobias C. Larsson, tobias.larsson@bth.se.



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