Research Areas

With the vision:"With practice and science we support innovation teams in product development through new work methods, tools and processes that will empower them to create and develop new product and services for the sustainable society" the research pursue work within the engineering product development arena.

The research is applied and considers methods and tools that will support companies to enhance their capabilities to deliver value towards customers based on products. The goal is to support companies and organisations both in being more efficient in their development (i.e. incremental  improvements) and in finding totally new solutions for the market (i.e. radical innovation).

Sustainability is an important factor of the future and hence the methods and tools should support the move towards the sustainable society.

Within the field of engineering design and research field of mechanical engineering research we are active in the following disciplines:

  • Design Automation (Knowledge Based Engineering, Case Based Reasoning, Design Rational Capture etc.)
  • Design Thinking (inspiration, ideation, implementation)
  • Methods and tools for product development & innovation (engineering design, innovation engineering, key performance indicators, creative methods for concept ideation and generation)
  • Methods and tools for incremental product development (exploit, Lean) and radical innovation (explore).
  • Production Engineering with emphasis on Water Jet cutting and Rapid Prototyping (3D printing)
  • Simulation driven design (Modelling and simulation in product development)
  • Structural Analysis, fracture mechanics and non-destructive testing
  • Value driven design (VDD, Value Innovation)
  • Web 2.0 technolgies and tools for knowledge sharing in product development (wiki, blogs, folksonomies etc.)

This above research is clustered into four thematic areas

  • Engineering Design (product focus) - This area is focused on the ability to have a methodological approach to engineer new products using computer based tools and methods
  • Innovation Engineering (process focus) - This area is focused how to work with incremental and radical innovation in teams and organisations
  • Product-Service Systems (process focus) - This area is focused on the ability to develop products in combination with service offerings to create value innovation with a lifecycle and sustainability focus
  • Structural Analysis (analysis focus)  - This area is focused on the ability to analyse dynamics and statics of material and components
  • Rapid Prototyping (production focus) - This area is focused on the advantages and approaches of new and emerging production technologies such as water jet cutting and additive manufacturing (3D printing)
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