Strategic Sustainable Development - New PhD program at BTH

The Faculty Board of BTH recently decided to establish a new PhD Program – Strategic Sustainable Development. This is a very important milestone in the development of sustainability research and education at BTH, says Prof. Göran Broman, who led the development of the subject definition and proposed the new program to the Faculty Board. This means that we can now admit PhD students and graduate PhDs in this new subject. Before several PhDs with a sustainability focus have been graduated in the subject Mechanical Engineering. This subject will remain and it will still have a strong sustainability integration. But now we also have the possibility for PhD students who want to have a main focus on strategic sustainable development to get a degree that better reflects their thesis research, says Prof. Broman. The general PhD curriculum for the new subject is available here (link). This official document is quite compact. More on the thoughts behind the new program and the motivation for it is available here (link; in Swedish).

People interested in pursuing a PhD in Strategic Sustainable Development are welcome to contact Prof. Göran Broman (