Leading change for a sustainable ict industry

Information and communication technologies are poised to play a crucial role in the transition to an ecologically and socially sustainable society.  The expansion in information sharing around the globe has already led to important sustainability initiatives, and ICT has been used effectively to cut down on our environmental impact.  At the same time, the raw materials and other resources used in the ICT industry are having negative, unsustainable impacts on the Earth's ecosystem and human society.  To meet these sustainability challenges and scale up the industry's positive impact, leaders need to have a clear understanding of our current situation and the tools they need to  move in the right direction.

Leading Change for a Sustainable ICT Industry is a business-focused distance learning course designed to give change agents working in the ICT industry the knowledge and skills they need to transform their companies into sustainability champions.  As a partnership between the Blekinge Institute of Technology and The Natural Step, the course is small, flexible, and uses a "blended learning" approach that combines online sessions with in-person workshops.

The brochure for the ten-month version of the Leading Change for a Sustainable ICT Industry course can be found below. Shorter courses are also available.


Interactive Booklet | PDF

Sustainable ICT Brochure


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