Note: Make sure you read this webpage carefully, because if you fail to comply with these simple instructions, it will result in your being removed from the list of presenters on the specified presentation date, or fail this compulsory module of the thesis work course.


Those of you who are in the final stages of your thesis work, speak to your supervisor/examiner and make sure you get your supervisor's/examiner's approval to present. Moreover, make sure the presentation material is approved by the supervisor and the examiner. After you have received approval, send an e-mail to Svetlana Zivanovic the following information (make sure the subject is specified as Thesis Information Submission), at least one week before the presentation date:

  1. Title of your thesis work
  2. Short abstract
  3. Preliminary master thesis (to be sent to your presentation opponents)
  4. Level (i.e. Bachelor's or Master's)
  5. Name(s) of the participant(s)
  6. Where/for whom the thesis work has been undertaken/co-operation partners (e.g. BTH, Department of Electrical Engineering and [company name])
  7. Name of the supervisor
  8. Name of the examiner

In addition, also make sure you send an e-mail to Josef Ström Bartunek with your final presentation file at least three work days before the presentation date, either in PowerPoint or in PDF format in your e-mail. Feel free to use any template you would like. A projector and computer for the presentations will be provided by the department. If any additional equipment is needed, please contact Josef Ström Bartunek as soon as possible (i.e. at the very least three work days before the presentation date).

Please, note that before you can present, you must have attended at least two presentations (attending both during one presentation date is ok). Make sure you print this form out (please note that this file includes both a Swedish and an English version of the form) and ask the presentation arranger to sign it every time you attend. Note, the form will be signed at the end of the whole presentation session. Without a completed form, you may not be allowed to present.

You will have, at the most, 20 minutes to present your work, which must not be exceeded.  Next, the opponent(s) will have a maximum of 10 minutes to ask 3-6 questions on the critical aspects of the thesis. Afterwards the audience will have the chance to pose questions. All in all one presentation with opposition and audience questions should not exceed 35 minutes.


As part of the thesis work process, it is compulsory for you (in pairs if you work in a group of two) to oppose a thesis group and be opposed by a thesis group. The following is required:

  • You should prepare 3-6 questions on the critical aspects of the thesis.
  • You should write a 1-3 page-opponent-report and send it to the authors and the examiner, at the most, 5 work days after the presentation.
  • Within 14 days after the presentation, you must have updated your thesis based on the comments from your opponents.



For those of you who do your thesis work outside of Sweden and/or have problems attending the presentation date, there is a possibility to present remotely via Adobe Connect. Make sure you inform about this when you register for the presentation date!

To present you need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed and preferably you also need a headset (make sure your mic and sound are correctly adjusted beforehand!). If you want to present PowerPoint documents, you will also need a plugin that converts to flashpaper (for this you need to run Internet Explorer if you are using Windows, as Chrome will not work). PDF presentations can be presented, as is. Here is a test room for Adobe Connect to try out:

Please note that presenting remotely is the exception, not the rule! If you want to present remotely, it comes with a greater responsibility since you absolutely need to make sure that everything works, so as not to waste everyone's precious time. If you need to rehearse beforehand, make sure to inform the presentation arranger at least three days ahead.




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