Society impact

Why is the research performed in this research project important? Below we try to answer this question.

Application areas in daily life

There is a a need for SAR images in many different situations in our society. Below are some concrete examples from daily life and related to the project described.

Civil applications

Today the changes of the global climate is prioritized at the world news agenda. SAR images can be used for monitoring different climate changes. One example is by mapping the ice cover in the Arctic and Antarctic regions and how the ice cover decrease over time. Another example is mapping of Earth movements resulting in volcanoes and earthquakes.

Topographic maps can also be made of other planets or Earth areas where maps do not yet exist. Traffic monitoring, to be able to study how the traffic at certain roads are moving, is a different example.

Summing-up the great advantages with SAR images is with other words that one can use them for getting information about places where it is difficult for humans to visit. Examples of such places are developing countries, war zones or other planets.

Military applications

SAR images are used for detection of targets and the high resolution images make detection classification and identification possible. The combination of SAR with space time processing is a way to detect moving objects and one of the most important ways to determine military activity.

During peace keeping operations and international conflicts the use of SAR images has enabled the United Nations to discover military vehicles hidden by camouflage. 


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