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BTH Innovation can be described as a pre-incubator to fertilize new ideas.  Students, researchers as well as external entrepreneurs can develop and test their ideas for a full-term business model. In more formal terms BTH Innovation is a department within the Blekinge Institute of Technology, reporting directly to the vice-chancellor. Our main mission is to stimulate, develop and strengthen the practical innovation at BTH. We also initiate  and support research and education related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Another important task is to work with both internal and external stakeholders to strengthen and clarify the role of BTH in the regional innovation system.

The activities of BTH Innovation is divided into two areas that is and Business Lab.

BTH Innovation med verksamheterna och business lab

Within we conduct business in an experimental form of short "proof-of-concept" projects. In these projects, we work in a structured and proven process by which an initial idea develops and is tested from a technical- user- and business perspective. The ideas are gathered from students, researchers or from entrepreneurs and companies in the region. Read more about

business lab

Within Business Lab , we encourage, train and support BTH researchers, teachers and students in issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation. We arrange competitions, inspirational lectures, and offer seminars and courses on issues related to commercialization and business development. We also offer researchers and students individual assistance in the development of their ideas.

A large part of the activities of BTH Innovation is in the form of externally funded projects, where we collaborate with various stakeholders in the region, such as Blekinge Business Incubator, Telecom City, NetPort Science Park, Soft Center, Region Blekinge, and various businesses.



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