Business Lab - research and education in entrepreneurship

Business Lab is the part of BTH Innovation where we educate and encourage researchers and students in entrepreneurship opportunities and possibilities.

Part of students and researchers dissertations and thesis work can be developed into viable business ideas. The candidate training "Idea and Business Development" and the graduate course - "innovative methods" are two important training that lays the foundation for the students and researchers who see a future as entrepreneurs.

Business Lab encourages researchers to develop their research into commercial applications.

The basis of the Business Lab is a creative venue where ideas can grow. In the lab business advisers are coaching students and researchers, organizesStudenter på BTH Innovation i kursen idé- och affärsutveckling days of inspiration, innovation competitions and seminars focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Operations in the business lab  is conducted in close cooperation with Students in the Business Lab is given the opportunity to participate in the development of commercial services within

Another important element is where industrial researchers and students apply their knowledge in close cooperation with industry. A collaboration that results in both dissertations and theses that bring ideas and develop the companies involved.




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