Movies (IN Swedish) about different projects conducted in or BTH Innovation



Adacus is a company that helps people declare their energy-consumption online.


Nortic AB

Nortic sells tickets to events and concerts. Tickets are purchased online directly at the organizer's website. You can print the ticket on a printer, thanks to a system based on the simple bar codes. The project was started by an experienced entrepreneur, and three students.


The founders of Appcorn came in contact with BTH innovation while studying at BTH. Once studies were completed started the company Appcorn. They develop applications for iPhones.

Malvacom logotype

Malvacom develops a product called Devgate. Devgate is a portal tailored to the design and operation of your organization's needs. Devgate provides forums where customers can post, comment or as ask questions that are answered by other customers or the company's customer support.



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