Idea and business development

Students presented their business ideas to investors panel in the course idea and business development. This was the finale of an academic course in which students were divided into four groups, each with a business idea.

This time it was economics students who were interviewed and matched into teams.  The teams were created based depending on which area the students wanted to focus on, sales, marketing, economics, finance or project management etc.

The course began with the assignment to generate 50 ideas per team. Thereafter, each group selected three ideas for concept description and ultimately choose one idea. The goal is to create a business concept and to present it as a written business plan. The students are drilled through special training, to make a professional investment pitch in 12 min.

We cooperate with Anki Nilsson Communication Training AB, for this training, which has proven to be very successful. We also worked with a student who helped with good advice for the graphic design. Students have the chance to use the skills you acquired through the years. It should work with market research, marketing, early sales efforts, development of production estimates, preparation of income statements and balance sheets, liquidity analysis etc. Students learn to boil down their messages so they become interesting for investors.



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