Calle Magnusson has been the project manager of a development project that is about to take up a new e-commerce systems for an innovator. Calle will now continue to work on HLDesign in Växjö.

I started at as a internship/project manager in early November after the tip of my advisers at the employment agence and was very pleasantly surprised when I was in place. Projects on were handled very professionally. There is a large network to exploit and is in the forefront in terms of both technology and project processes. For my own part, I had the opportunity to learn more about project management processes and techniques while I was working on the project which gave me the motivation to first see how the project evolved, but also to fill up my CV with new skills which I know are of interest to potential employers. My time at has given me the knowledge, contacts, experience, and not least an increased self-confidence.

Can you recommend others to contact us? is an excellent alternative to unemployment and acts a bit like a "door opener" for new opportunities. It is important to remember that experience is what you make it.

Where should you invest in practicing with us?
If you work in IT and want to keep up with what's happening in the industry then is an opportunity to once again find the motivation and the courage to try new challenges.

Has it strengthened your CV and skills?
Absolutely! The experience I received from was probably the "extra mile" necessary for me to be sufficiently attractive to employers. Increased motivation and confidence will then also help me to do a better job in the future.

Has there been anything more than new knowledge, such as networking, etc.?
I have actually used the network around As we have shared rooms with HiQ, I tried to get as much information as possible concerning the project processes eg scrum. I was also able to use the network for personal feedback which is invaluable for personal development.

"Calle Magnusson, now project manager at HLdesign"



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