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An important function for the university is to initiate and support education and research related to innovation and entrepreneurship. BTH, as well as the country's other universities and colleges have a mandate from the government to promote research that will be used in reality. This utilization is expected to be made by further processing, commercialization or other transfer of knowledge for practical application. BTH Innovation supports researchers and other staff, and is a catalyst for realizing this mission. As an employee at BTH, you can get advice, business development support and access to a large network if you have ideas that you think should be realized.

Courses / seminars

BTH Innovation organizes regular workshops / seminars on various topics related to entrepreneurship and business development. Examples of themes include IPR, finance and venture capital, business plans.


BTH Innovation has good contacts with other actors in the regional innovation system and helps researchers and teachers to find the support resources you need.


Researchers / teachers who have ideas they want to develop or commercialize may contact BTH Innovation for advice on how to proceed with their idea. BTH Innovation can make a first assessment of the idea and also act as a sounding board in the continued development.

Sounding Board

BTH Innovation participates as a discussion partner in relation to various project applications. We can provide comments on any aspects of the innovation project and involved sometimes also by concrete actions in different projects.

Proof-of-concept projects

For ideas that have a commercial potential in the IT Innovation, BTH can provide a structured support for the continued development. BTH Innovation has a proven methodology and provides a team that complements the entrepreneur in the continued development. The projects run for three to six months.





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