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BTH Innovation is working to increase student participation in various contests where you have to develop ideas, concepts or business plans. In addition to disseminating information about various events we organize in connection with these, workshops to support the participation of BTH-students. We also organize our own competitions in conjunction with various sponsors. Read more - Current competitions at BTH Innovation.

academic Courses

BTH innovation offers along with various college divisions, academic courses related to entrepreneurship, innovation and ideas and business development.


Students who have ideas they want to develop in a commercial form may contact BTH Innovation for advice on how to develop their idea. BTH innovation can also act as a sounding board in the continued development. Do you have an idea that you would like to discuss? Read more about counseling at BTH Innovation.

Matching services

BTH Innovation has good network with other actors in the regional innovation system and helps students to find the support resources you need.


BTH innovation can serve as host for theses and other projects related to our business.


Students are sometimes offered the opportunity to participate in sharp business development projects with individual entrepreneurs, companies and other (so-called "Proof-of-concept projects). Students are  compensated either by salary or points, and may in any case, valuable practical experience related to their education.




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